Friday, May 1, 2009

Tips Atasi Sakit Dengan Es Batu

Friday, May 01, 2009 tisca

Siapa bilang es batu hanya bisa digunakan untuk menemani soft drink dan menghilangkan dahaga. Jika Anda punya tipsnya, es batu juga bisa mengatasi rasa sakit yang menyerang tubuh anda.

  • Untuk Nyeri Punggung
Punggung Anda pegal-pegal setelah mengangkat berat atau duduk seharian di depan komputer? Es batu bisa menjadi solusi. Tempelkan saja es batu kebagian punggung yang sakit. Dengan segera rasa sakit akan membaik seiring dengan cairnya es batu.

  • Tersengat Matahari
Liburan di pantai membuat kulit Anda terbakar? Segera bungkus es batu dengan handuk lembut dan kompres kepala Anda.

  • Digigit Serangga
Untuk kulit yang digigit serangga, oles-oleskan saja dengan es batu. Cukup selama 5 - 10 menit. Dengan begitu, bengkaknya akan segera hilang.

  • Migran dan Sakit Kepala
Untuk mengatasi sakit kepala dan migran, tak perlu repot-repot mengkonsumsi obat warung yang belum pasti akan menghilangkan penyakit Anda. Letakkan es batu dalam plastik di belakang leher serta pelipis Anda.

Pandai-pandai menggunakan obat alami untuk mengatasi rasa sakit di tubuh Anda. Jangan terburu-buru mengambil keputusan untuk mengkonsumsi obat-obatan yang dijual di warung. Selamat mencoba!

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Bags And Its Function

Friday, May 01, 2009 tisca
Every woman I believe must be has more than just one bag as their collection. Of course it is because modern woman today have ‘eyes’ to the fashion mode already. And the bag utility not just as a place to carry of your stuff only, but also as fashion support.

You know there are many several of bags these days, and each bag has their own function. First is luggage, its fit to accompany your travel plan. Could carry more than enough of anything you want to carry, such as clothes and other things too into one. Second are backpacks, people recognized it as a man must have, by its model, it can be category as sporty stuff too. Third is laptop bags or laptop case leather, use to cover your laptop from anything might happen such as scratch, water, etc. Fourth are handbags by designer from Gucci to Prada. And also it’s a little bit expensive than all kind bag other. But women so much adore it, also its fit for a gift too for best friends, relatives, and many more.

For your attention, each bag has different way of how to treat it, but better to keep them dry as long as possible and keep in some particular space divide from the other stuff you have. That's all about bags, hope it can be reference for you to choose which one bag you want to buy.

How to Throw Into the Launch

Friday, May 01, 2009 tisca
It's about two days again before my first launching event. I never thought that someone will trust me to organize their event. I am the man hehehehe. I can a hundred percent give my idea for this event. The launching itself not just a matter of to trade shows products or what, but beyond of that there is a mission to be share with the other.

If it just only about how to bring truss, or another supplies of exhibit booths, trade show displays, I can easily order to the camelbackdisplay instantly. It's the destination you should be landed if you need any supplies for arranging an exhibit or concert. In fact, the camelbackdisplay also could fulfill any types of trade show flooring like logo floor mats too.
But the problem is, how I could bring up the mission to everyone there about how potential is the products I want to introduce. Is there anyone could help me?